When representing my clients on the sale of their home, my goal is to help them achieve the best possible selling price. The key to doing that is setting the most appropriate offering price and implementing the optimal marketing strategy. The resources I draw on and the services I provide to help my clients do that, include the following:

Extensive Professional Networks

Brown Harris Stevens has over 55 offices in New York City, Hamptons, Connecticut, New Jersey, Hudson Valley, Miami, and Palm Beach and is the largest privately held residential real estate firm on the East Coast. Additionally, Brown Harris Stevens has affiliates, corporate partnerships and supplier relationships that extend their services to include financing, title and home owner’s insurance, and relocation services, among other things. The firm is also part of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (“LRE”), a global referral network with over 600 member brokerage firms. That network provides extensive client reach and comprises over 4,100 offices and 130,000 agents across 65 countries. This network provides my clients with unparalleled global market reach to potential buyers when selling their home.

Market Positioning

I work with my clients to market their property in a manner optimally designed to stimulate buyer demand. When advising them on setting an appropriate offer price, I prepare and help them analyze sales data, current listings, local price trends and supply/demand dynamics in the context of their home’s location and physical attributes. I also provide results from analytically based, valuation models to help further inform price ranges. With that information and in context of our anticipated marketing strategy, we can more easily decide on an offer price most likely to result in an optimal selling price.

Once my clients determine their offering price, I will prepare the core information and materials used to list, market and advertise their property. This material will include the use of professional photography and floor plans, as well as a property narrative that describes and highlights the home’s key features and relative value compared to competing homes on the market.

Print Marketing and Advertising

Once photographs and floor plans have been completed, I prepare various materials to be used for print and physical marketing, including:

  • Marketing brochures with photos and detailed descriptions for distribution across broker and prospect networks in both print and electronic form.
  • Print advertising to be used across various local, national and global distribution channels.
  • “Just Listed” postcards for direct mailing to targeted neighbors and local residents as a means of furthering promoting the property.
  • For Sale Signs as advertisement to potential buyers who drive, bike or walk by my client’s home.
  • Store front advertisements or my client’s home prominently displayed in the window of our local offices.

Electronic Media and Online Marketing

I will also make use of various online media to help market my client’s home. This includes:

  • Multiple Listing Services (“MLS”) with broad reach to member agents and extended reach to their thousands of clients who receive listing reports and/or use property search dashboards running off of the MLS database.
  • Website marketing across a broad network of sites. This includes sponsoring brokerage websites, personal websites, sites with a local presence (i.e.,,, etc.), sites with a broader national focus (i.e.,,,, etc.), and sites with international presence through LRE.
  • Email campaigns distributed to thousands of agents and qualified prospects identified through various prospecting techniques. I also distribute emails to my personal network comprising over 12,000 contacts across the Tri-State area.
  • A custom website may also be created of your property as a means of providing increased exposure and as a gauge of potential demand via monitored site traffic and analytics. The link to your site would be distributed to various Internet sites via syndication.
  • Social Media campaigns would be used to promote your home across various sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, including targeted advertisements that promote your home to thousands of social media users.

Technology-based Marketing Tools

As the situation demands, we may determine whether appropriate to use a range of technology and related tools to enhance the marketing of your property. This may include: property videos, aerial photography, virtual staging, 3D property walk-throughs and floor plans, and time lapse and twilight photography, among other things.

Open Houses, Appointments and Networking

I also provide my clients with advice on staging their home and can recommend various service providers to help you prepare and optimally present your home to potential buyers. This would include highly qualified stagers, contractors, moving and storage companies, consultants, and interior/exterior designers.

In addition to promoting your property at my weekly office meetings, I would conduct Broker Open Houses and promote your property to the many agents that visit during broker previews. I will also coordinate all Public Open Houses and Appointments in order to present your home to as broad an audience of potential buyers as possible. I would of course follow-up with all interested buyers to provide additional materials or information they may request.

Communication and Deal Management

Given the importance of frequent communication, I provide my clients with weekly updates on Open House and Showing activity as well as general feedback on the marketing process. I also keep my clients apprised on the market by providing general updates and by arranging daily email notifications on new listings of comparable properties that are listed, under contract or sold.

I also encourage periodic meetings with my client to assess market feedback and determine whether adjustments to our marketing strategy are necessary. Once offers are made, I assist my clients on the evaluation of offers and advise them on negotiation strategies with prospective buyers and their agents. Once an offer is accepted, I will communicate with my client on a frequent basis and coordinate as necessary with various deal team members such as lawyers, agents, inspectors, bankers, title companies, etc. until the transaction is closed.

Ultimately, my goal is to provide my clients with access to a full-service real estate team while maintaining front-line client contact and deal management responsibility. Supporting me in this effort are an extensive team of highly qualified senior management, agents, and technology, marketing and administrative professionals. My goal is to make the best use of my resources, experience, knowledge and expertise to help my clients achieve a successful deal closing as smoothly as possible.

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