When representing my clients in the purchase of their home, I work diligently to help them find, offer and close in the most effective and efficient way possible. Some of those steps include the following:

Property Searches

After sitting down with my client to thoroughly understand their overall circumstances, goals and purchase criteria, I collaborate with them on a regular basis to help them find a home that best fits their needs. I also provide them with access to property search technology and set up property alerts that are emailed to them on a frequent basis so that they can be aware of market opportunities as they occur. I also search independently via the web, monitor off-market listings, solicit colleagues and fellow brokers, and preview open houses to find homes that are a potential fit. To the extent my clients identify a property on their own through additional sources, I help them evaluate and act on those properties, coordinate showings and interact with the seller’s agent on my client’s behalf.

Access to Market Data

Market value is determined by many factors, including the availability of similar properties at competitive prices, location, condition, and most of all by price that a knowledgeable buyer is willing to pay. As a buyer’s agent, I provide my clients with and help them interpret relevant market data that guides and informs the initial offering price they choose.

Purchase Offer

There may be other considerations besides price that are equally important in structuring a purchase offer. Terms and conditions, deposit amounts, mortgage contingencies and possession dates are all likely to be important factors to consider when making an offer. As a buyer representative, I assist my clients with the preparation of their purchase offer and guide them on all relevant considerations.


When a purchase offer is made, the sellers may be concerned with certain aspects including the ability of the purchasers to fulfill their agreement, the terms and conditions of the offer, the breakdown of closing costs between buyer and seller and even the motivations and lifestyle of the prospective new owners! As my client’s buyer representative, I’ll help structure a negotiating strategy that helps produce the desired result.

Handling Details

A lot needs to happen between signing the purchase offer and moving into a new house. As a buyer representative, I will attend to the details and keep my clients in touch with the transaction every step of the way.

Sellers list their homes with real estate agents to ensure professional representation throughout the selling process. Buyers deserve the same kind of service. Since the cost of that service is covered by the Seller as part of their closing cost, there’s very little reason for a buyer to go unrepresented.